Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Animal Lover, are you sure?

How many people do you come across who say they love animals?  It's probably a good amount, if not a majority.  It seems like most people, especially those with pets, are able to make a connection with animals.  They witness animals' emotions and can relate to them.  How nice is it when you get home and your dog comes running up to greet you while wagging his tail?  I'm not trying to discount this.  I've always thought of myself as an animal lover, but I also used to eat meat.  There was this disconnect for me, which many experience, between animals that are companions and animals for food.  It can extend into animals for entertainment (circus, zoos), animals for testing drugs, and animals for testing cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.  I had NO idea what the life of a factory farm animal was like.  I saw the pretty pictures of animals enjoying themselves on farms and thought nothing more.  Boy, was I wrong.

Now, after researching and knowing the truth, I think about how naive I was.  What was I really expecting when I'm consuming a piece of animal flesh or a glass of dairy milk?  Was I really an animal lover?  I can answer by saying "no."  Many may think this is harsh, but supporting industries that constantly emotionally and physically abuse animals is not showing your compassion for them.  Maybe you're a dog lover, cat lover, pet're not an animal lover.  Please stop feeding your ignorance and research these industries.  I have been told that I talk about the extreme (this coming from someone who hasn't done any research).  I wish that were the case.  The conditions I speak of are the standard, not the exception.  Animals aren't meant to serve us, to be a commodity.  We use them and "throw them away."  Help the voiceless.  You can start with a vegan diet, volunteer, educate, and vote with your dollar.  The voiceless need more animal lovers on their side.

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  1. You called me out on this unknowingly, but I am too one of those people who has said they were an animal lover, yet lived my life in a way contrary to that belief. I've been to circuses, zoos, Sea World....I use shampoo and other products that likely were tested on animals...I until recently was eating meat regularly.

    The problem, as with most things, is a lack of education to the general public. All of these practices that are harmful to animals exist, yet NO ONE seems to be aware of them at all. And if they are aware of them, the magnitude is not exhibited clearly enough, obviously.

    I know for a fact that what you speak isn't the extreme. We don't see it because it's hidden away, but our very systems and industries REQUIRE such treatment of animals to have what we FEEL is demanded in our products and food. It's all about knowing we can get by without those things just fine so animals aren't our guinea pigs.