Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where's the logic and compassion?

As you can see, the Agriculture Department is trying to decrease the number of government inspectors in poultry slaughterhouses.  Why?  Of course, it's all about money and, supposedly, they will focus their attention on "more important" things.  Just because they make this kind of a proposal doesn't mean that's how it will work.  It's like a corporation.  A corporation is seen as a "job creator," except then you find out no jobs were created, but the CEO received a huge raise.  Some trickle-down.  Well, here's another example.  You have the Ag Department wanting to cut the government out of inspecting poultry slaughterhouses, leaving it up to the poultry corporations, and, since money will be saved, they will do more testing on the food that is sold.  Give me a break.  Let's leave the slaughtering up to "big business" who already abuses these animals and doesn't extend any compassion to them.  Privatization is always a wonderful idea, right? 

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  1. Okay, honestly...what is it with ANYONE thinking that corporations are going to hold themselves accountable?? When, in the history of this country, has that EVER been even feasible? The entire economic downturn had everything to do with corporate and individual greed. Conservative agendas only work on paper. Once you let humans take over, it's the end of compassion, regulation, and restraint. It's the end of morality and logic. I LOVED this post.