Monday, March 26, 2012

"Got Milk?" Non-dairy for me, please.

If you have ever consumed a glass of dairy milk, a slice of cheese, or had that scoop of ice cream, please watch the 3-minute video at this link.

You owe it to the animals who are suffering, so you can enjoy these unnecessary foods.  That's right, they're unnecessary.  There are several great alternatives to dairy products.  Milk and ice cream substitutes vary widely including soy, rice, coconut, oat, hemp, and, my personal favorite, almond.  They are a little more expensive than the dairy items, but all you have to do is think of the benefits.  These alternatives are better for you, you can get more calcium into your body than you can from a regular glass of milk, and you're not supporting the terribly cruel industry that is dairy farming.

The cows are impregnated artificially, they have their calves, and are separated from them so their own offspring can't drink the milk they're supposed to have.  All, so humans can sell it to other humans and make a profit off of it.  Think about how no other animal drinks the milk from a different species.  First off, yes, we are animals too.  It is very important to not lose this connection to beings whom we share our planet with.  Second, offspring do not need milk their entire lives.

Needing milk is engrained in our culture.  It is beaten into our heads, at such a young age, that we must drink milk/consume dairy products if we want strong, healthy bones.  It is supposed to prevent osteoporosis.  Studies on the matter; however, are rather mixed and inconclusive.  This next link will give you both sides, but remember to look at who the author is and to know that people can be biased.  They can, and will, try to use anything to throw propaganda your way.

You may wonder how dairy can be so commonplace if there is footage of how the animals are treated, and there aren't really any health benefits.  Well, the answer is simple.  It's all about money.  You can even go to the American Dietetic Association's website, look at advertisers and sponsors at the bottom, and see that The National Dairy Council is one of their sponsors.  There are lobbyists and several groups and organizations who have an agenda.  Milk even has its own unique advertising and catch phrase, "Got Milk?"

Aside from the repeated impregnating of the cows and their babies being taken away from them, the new calves are either raised to become new dairy cows, killed right away, or are raised for veal (which is its own horrific story).  Dairy cows are pumped full of antibiotics, sprayed with pesticides, and many are injected with Bovine Growth Hormone to increase milk production.  Check my earlier blog titled "Companies like Monsanto" for some more information on this hormone.  It increases pus in the milk production and has been linked to cancer.  Not to mention, the European Union has banned the use of it.  Should I also bring up the fact that Monsanto was the creator of Agent Orange?  Since the animals have increased milk production, they are pumped even more spending a great deal of time standing in one spot while machines are attached to their nipples.  They can develop sores from the machines which they are not treated for.  Would you attach a machine to your dog, cat, or daughter's nipples?  I would hope not.  The increased use of antibiotics is creating superbugs and has also contributed to the problem of antibiotics not working like they used to.  There are painful procedures these animals have to go through while living on a dairy farm, and they do not receive painkillers or proper care to help with the aftermath.  Not to mention, you also have workers who have nothing better to do than to torture the animals while they are there.  Leave it to humans to be so cruel for no reason at all.  The waste produced from factory farms, including dairy farms, also contaminates our water supply and generates greenhouse gases.

I implore you to watch the video, do some research of your own, and truly consider the lives of these animals who desperately need our help.  What kind of morality do we have, if we can't stick up for those who are defenseless and powerless?

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